LOST DUNGEON - The Relic Hunter



A role-playing MORPG set in a fantasy world.

The game unfolds in a fantasy world known as "Dawn", where you'll assume the role of a "Hunter" who has just arrived in the city of Arcadias.

Starting from here, on this free journey, you'll meet other players. Together, defeat formidable foes, rescue people from the clutches of dark forces, and bring forth the light of dawn to the world!


Knights are representatives of bravery and honor, demonstrating fearless courage on the battlefield, using their shields and swords to block enemy attacks. They have strong physiques and resilient willpower, able to withstand many hits, and stand up in the most difficult moments, being the undying beacon in the team.



The ranger is proficient in archery and hunting skills, able to eliminate enemies from a safe distance. They are also skilled in tracking and binding enemies, leaving them with no place to escape.



A master mage who commands powerful elemental magic, they can utilize various elemental spells to attack, putting enemies at a disadvantage. The mage possesses formidable attack power, excelling in area-of-effect attacks, capable of delivering devastating strikes to enemies within a wide area.



Assassins are professionals adept at using daggers and long swords, they can quickly take enemies by surprise on the battlefield, leveraging their speed and agility to gain the upper hand, defeating enemies while protecting themselves.



Warriors are known for their madness and wildness on the battlefield. They are skilled in using various weapons and combat techniques, able to cause great chaos and destruction among the enemies. Their fighting style is to charge into the enemy lines, facing the enemy directly, and destroying the enemy at all costs.